How much does a StarMessenger recording cost?

Prices vary, as they are set individually by each celebrity on our roster.

Will a celebrity record their message with my requested wording?

We encourage you to submit your requested wording when you purchase your StarMessenger can suggest a simple "Hi this is CELEBRITY, you've reached YOUR NAME's phone", a catchphrase associated with your chosen celebrity, or any message you want your callers to hear! HOWEVER, the final wording of your recording is strictly at the discretion of the celebrity, so there is no guarantee that your requested verbiage will be utilized. A full refund will be provided if your recording request is declined.

How soon will I receive my StarMessenger recording?

Celebrities are given a 7-day timeframe from the date of purchase to complete your recording. A full refund will be provided if the recording is not completed within this timeframe.

How will my StarMessenger recording be delivered?

All greetings will be recorded as MP3 files, which will be emailed to you by StarMessenger once completed for an easy upload to your smartphone's voicemail system!

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